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What is Deep Cleaning?

By 1st June 2022June 9th, 2022No Comments

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning goes well beyond conventional cleaning. Because of Daily wipes and dust, it is necessary to keep surface level germs and dirt build-up in check. A deep clean goes further to rid any space of deep-rooted dirt, grime or any other gunk that gets left out. It is a detailed and demanding cleaning task.

In addition to regular sanitation, it offers a more thorough cleaning. It will typically target areas that a top clean can not address. Deep cleaning is essential for the overall hygiene of commercial spaces.

What is a deep cleaning service?

Over time grime and dust build-up are unavoidable even with daily cleaning. It gathers in nooks and crevices and builds up on the spot. They are also impossible to clean daily. This kind of buildup is also often found in hard to reach places. Due to the inconvenience of cleaning them, they often get neglected. Over time, they become home to a good layer of grime.

Other than creating a generally unclean space, other issues can also arise. It can create severe hygiene issues if left untreated for too long. It also might act as a contaminant and cause real health issues. Deep cleaning services take care of the cleaning process for you. Their job is to offer the complete cleaning needed for an office space.

Since their aim is to clean where you can’t, their services are more detailed. They will often detail what and how they go about the process. You can also specify the kind of cleaning you are looking for. Typically, a deep cleaning service will offer:

  • Under the furniture cleaning
  • Blinds, windows and window frame cleaning
  • Wiping down individual decorations
  • Baseboards and door frame cleaning
  • Sanitising surfaces, including trash cans
  • Cleaning behind appliances and vents

Most of these spaces are neglected in surface cleaning. It is also harder to do this kind of cleaning in an office space. Professional services are equipped with the tools to clean and sanitise the workspace. They are also equipped to deal with specialist cleaning requirements. They are also recommended to be used multiple times a year. This would produce the most effective results. Professional services can best handle and keep away that London grime.

What is the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning

Deep cleaning is not a separate entity from the regular daily or weekly cleaning. It is simply more focused and covers a broader range of clean-up. Regular cleaning maintains a base level of cleanliness around the workplace. It is decidedly surface level and is focused on maintaining a standard of hygiene. Specifically, it does not involve poking into nooks and crannies. The floors will be mopped, and the desk spaces would be cleaned. The windows will be wiped, and the carpets will be vacuumed. A regular clean goes no further than that.

A deep clean, by its name, goes deeper than that. In addition to the surface level cleaning, it attacks the more ‘hidden’ spaces. Anything that can gather up dust and grime and be generally overlooked. These spaces are often not cleaned because they are hard to get to or can’t be seen. Regardless, they can still be home to many germs and unhygienic conditions. A deep clean will turn the commercial space inside out to get under the furniture and ceiling.

An easy way to understand is by thinking of the office carpet. A weekly vacuum can pick up the dust and tiny food crumbles. However, It cannot, get at the deep-seated dust at the very bottom layer. It cannot take care of spills on the carpet or the overtime dirt that gathers due to use. A deep clean takes care of cleaning at the fibre level. Deep-rooted dirt that a vacuum can’t touch can be taken out with a deep clean.

What is deep cleaning for COVID?

COVID-19 brought a drastic change to cleaning standards. In addition to the cleaning and sanitization, it added a third dimension- disinfection. It also opened up questions about what kind of surfaces need to be cleaned. With COVID, it appears everything needs regular disinfection to lessen its spread.

A simple sanitization is not enough with COVID-19. While it can take care of surface-level bacteria, it is not quite so effective with viruses. A COVID deep clean largely centres around disinfection and thoroughness.

A COVID-19 deep cleaning program should include:

  • A base-level cleaning regime
  • Tracking cleaning plans for regular disinfection
  • Identifying surfaces needing deep cleaning and how often
  • Start with a comprehensive deep clean

COVID cleaning requires a bit more stringent measures. Professional services are equipped with the kind of materials required to do so. They also know to clean overlooked surfaces that can harbour the virus.

Carpet deep cleaning

What is deep carpet cleaning?

Just as with other things, deep carpet cleaning goes beyond the surface. The goal is to reach the deep-most layers and clean thoroughly. A high traffic area like an office sees more than the usual wear and tear. Dust, dirt, mud, food and drinks all end up on the carpet eventually.

Deep carpet cleaning uses thorough cleaning methods to get at root stains and germs. These can include:

  • Spot cleaning, before a deep clean
  • Steam cleaning to remove dirt from carpet fibres
  • Dry chemical carpet cleaning
  • Encapsulation with synthetic foam detergents

Carpets require a more deep clean schedule than any other office equipment. Without professional treatment, it can also create several problems. These include an unsightly carpet and pungent odours.  It can also cause serious health issues and become home to bacteria. Wear and tear also speeds up, so you will be replacing that carpet more often than you should.

Carpet deep cleaning cost

There is no fixed number to keep in mind in terms of cost. A deep carpet clean cost can vary based on several factors. These include

  • How often services are incurred for a deep clean. You may be subject to payment packages if you have a regular schedule.
  • The carpet material. Various materials require different techniques for cleaning, adding or reducing costs.
  • The condition of the carpet. If it is in horrible shape, the cleaning will likely cost more in terms of money and effort.
  • The area of the carpet to be cleaned

You can get a better estimate with a price quote. Professional services can assess your needs and offer an accurate cost projection.

Carpet deep cleaning London

The deep cleaning process is not simple by any means. With carpets, it requires a good understanding of what you are working with to avoid damage. It also requires effective cleaning materials and knowledge of their use. A professional commercial cleaning service can manage both these crucial aspects.

Additionally, a professional service can:

  • Set cleaning schedules that are always followed
  • Create cleaning plans based on client needs
  • Offer professional understanding and high-quality service

You can get in touch with a reliable cleaning service right here in London. Obtain an accurate price quote and decide on a cleaning plan.