Rug Cleaning

Hassle-free rug cleaning

Collect, Clean, and Return: We offer a hassle-free service where we collect your rugs, take them to our dedicated cleaning facility, and return them to you dry and rejuvenated.

  • Unsightly stains removed
  • Vibrant bright colours enhanced
  • Embedded grit removed to extend the life of your rug
  • Flattened pile lifted enhancing your rugs texture and appearance
  • Stain protection to protect against spills and accidents
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Suitable for virtually all types of rugs
  • Our allergy control treatment applied

Step 1: Thorough Pre-Inspection

Before an area rug undergoes the cleaning process, the initial stage involves a thorough inspection. This examination assesses various factors such as age, condition, colour characteristics, fibre type, soil or debris levels, stains, spots, and other potential damages. The selection of an appropriate cleaning or restoration process depends on these crucial factors.

Step 2: Dye & pH Testing

Conducting dye and pH tests before cleaning a rug is essential for ensuring colourfastness, identifying material compatibility, preventing potential damage, and tailoring the cleaning approach. These tests contribute to a customised and effective cleaning process, preserving the rug’s quality, colour vibrancy, and overall integrity while extending its lifespan.

Step 3: Dusting & Dry Soil Removal

The pivotal stage of a rug cleaning process lies in dusting and dry soil removal, showcasing a notable distinction between our facility cleaning and in-home wet extraction. By eliminating dry soil before introducing moisture, we proactively avert issues like mud formation, unpleasant odours, and the challenge of reaching deeply embedded contaminants.

Step 4: Full Immersion Wash

During the immersion process, the entire rug is submerged in the cleaning solution, ensuring thorough saturation of every fibre and facilitating the effective lifting of contaminants. Following immersion, soft mechanical brushes are strategically utilized to delicately agitate the fibres, expertly dislodging dirt and stains. This meticulous step aids in breaking up and removing contaminants, all while safeguarding the integrity of the rug.

Step 5: Rinse & Centrifuge Water Removal

Following a thorough cleaning, the rug undergoes a Power Rinse to flush out any remaining cleaning solutions. Subsequently, it is placed in a Centrifuge, a specialised machine that rapidly removes excess water. This dual process ensures a residue-free and efficiently drying rug.

Step 6: Hanging & Drying

Our rug drying process is a crucial final step to preserve your rug’s quality. After a thorough cleaning and water removal, the rug enters a controlled drying area to prevent issues like mold, fiber damage, and color bleeding. Efficient drying ensures your rug not only looks pristine but also maintains its integrity, reflecting our commitment to a thorough and safe cleaning process.