Positive first impressions are crucial in the hospitality sector.

Did you know that the first 10 seconds of a hotel guest’s experience is the most important? The first area that comes under scrutiny is the reception area, followed by the room itself.

Our innovative hotel carpet cleaning systems are specifically designed for the 24/7 operations of the Hotel sector. Our technology is born from the high demands of Las Vegas hotels. Environments that operate fast turn arounds, experience huge amounts of foot fall but need to maintain that all important wow factor for every guest.

Zero down time to your operations, no disturbance to guests, just fresh clean carpets and floors.


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    How we differ

    We eliminate the most common problems caused by other cleaning methods that lead to insufficient drying times, mould growth, mildew, volatile organic compounds, recurring stains, and safety hazards.

    Carpets are ready for immediate use so there’s no down time to your operations. Without the need for noisy equipment we can even clean while you work, perfect for organisation that operate 24/7.

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