Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning Services in London

Our Innovative office carpet cleaning system was designed in mind to support healthy indoor environments. Transforming unloved carpets back to vibrant, clean, stain free carpets that represent your business positively.

Office carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning using our system produces instant results with virtually zero down time. Ugly tea and coffee stains removed without fuss or disruption. We can even remove ink and oil stainis that other cleaning systems could not remove.

Representing property managers with professionalism and confidence to deliver.


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    How we differ

    We eliminate the most common problems caused by other cleaning methods that lead to insufficient drying times, mould growth, mildew, volatile organic compounds, recurring stains, and safety hazards.

    Carpets are ready for immediate use so there’s no down time to your operations. Without the need for noisy equipment we can even clean while you work, perfect for organisation that operate 24/7.

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    Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning Services in London

    Office carpet cleaning is a crucial health and safety requirement. Commercial cleaning services go deep into the carpet fibres for a thorough cleaning. With our dedicated cleaning systems, such as Bolon carpet cleaning machines, we assure you of the best cleaning service in London.

    Why choose our office carpet cleaning service

    Prestige Commercial offers specialist cleaning services for offices. We have developed, tried, and tested cleaning techniques intended for commercial cleaning. Good carpet cleaning comes with a combination of dedicated machinery and effective chemicals.  We offer both and pride ourselves on producing consistent, industry-leading results. Prestige Commercial is a proud member of the National Carpet Cleaners’ Association.

    600m2 carpet clean after refurbishment works. Marks & Spencer NDC, Hatfield

    What type of carpet is best for office

    The best carpet for your office depends on what needs must be met. Office spaces see a lot of action and have different requirements than a home. Some of the factors you should be considering are:

    Carpet Cost

    Your decision should focus on both the immediate cost and the lifespan of the carpeting. You may find more affordable options that compromise quality. In the long run, such carpets will cost you more in maintenance and upkeep.


    If the carpet you chose is hard to keep clean, you will have constant issues. Maintenance is a major factor in commercial carpeting due to their higher usage. You will want a carpet that is resistant to damage and staining and easy to maintain.

    Considering all these factors, Bolon flooring is a great commercial option. It consists of a woven polyvinyl chloride (PVC) system, which is easy to maintain. As a recycled polyester carpet, it has great durability meeting commercial usage needs. Because of its stain resistance, it reduces maintenance and upkeep costs. Bolon flooring is preferred as it is long-lasting and comes with a 15-year warranty.

    How to identify what type of office carpet I have

    You can identify the type of carpet in your office based on a few specific markers. The first of these is the carpet pile height. This constitutes the height of the carpet fibres. These can be

    • Low pile: short fibres that appear dense and flat. These are most commonly found in commercial use.
    • Medium pile: slightly taller fibres that can withstand moderate traffic. Offices with light foot traffic may make use of such carpets.
    • High pile: long, plush fibres that offer an underfoot cushion. They can be damaged by heavy traffic.

    Next, you should determine the type of carpet fibre. Most of these are synthetic to improve their quality and lifespan. The most common ones include:

    • Polyester
    • Nylon
    • Triexta
    • Wool
    • Olefin

    How often to clean an office carpet

    How often you clean your office carpet depends on how much it is used. The general rule of thumb is to have your carpet cleaned every 6 months. If your office has higher foot traffic, you should consider more frequent cleaning.

    Benefits of regular office carpet cleaning

    Regular office carpet cleaning is a must for several reasons. These include:

    Clean, welcoming environment

    Clean carpets add to the overall decor and environment of your office. They present a neat, welcoming look to anyone visiting your office. They also add an air of confidence and care as a great first impression.

    Health and safety

    Dirty carpets can become home to bacteria, mould and dust. These can also fester and spread illnesses around the office. A regular, professional deep clean ensures the carpet remains free of germs.

    No cleaning downtime

    Carpet cleaning can end up costing extra if you need everything to stop for the cleaning to happen. Prestige Commercial Ltd is able to provide thorough cleaning without causing any downtime.

    Office Carpet Stain Removal

    Office carpet stains are almost completely unavoidable. The best way to deal with them is to make use of a cleaning service that can handle stubborn stains. Our professional technicians at Prestige use specialised chemicals for cleaning. Our purpose-built cleaning equipment further enhances our services.

    With constant innovation, we have come up with cleaning techniques with no downtime. We are able to clean carpets while avoiding long drying times. Conventional methods can otherwise lead to mould, mildew, stains and safety hazards.

    Our noiseless machines also ensure work is not interrupted while we clean. Carpets require no dry time and are available for immediate use after cleaning. Our tried and tested methods have revolutionised commercial carpet cleaning.

    Bolon Floor Cleaning

    Bolon Office Carpet Cleaning London

    Prestige specializes in Bolon London office carpet cleaning. We can take care of one-off cleaning needs, as well as regular cleaning schedules. Our Hos Orbit cleaning system is specifically approved for use with Bolon flooring.

    With low moisture cleaning, there is no danger of damage to your Bolon carpet. It dries fast and is immediately ready for use afterwards. Prestige also considers long-term care with a dedicated system for Bolon cleaning.

    Our office carpet cleaning in London Testimonials

    We strive to offer the best London office carpet cleaning you could hope for. Since starting out, we have helped countless offices with their carpet maintenance. You can find out what our other clients have to say about our services.

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    Regular office carpet cleaning is a must for any commercial space. Not only is it a health and safety standard, it should also help you maintain your office environment. Cleaning with rental equipment is unnecessarily costly and unreliable. Our technicians at Prestige help maintain your office carpets with the best service. Start off today by getting a free quote for your office.

    Office Carpet Cleaning FAQ

    How to protect carpet from office chair

    Carpets can often get damaged from furniture placed on them. There are a few techniques you can try to protect your carpet from office chairs. You may want to look into investing in chair mats and carpet-safe wheels.

    What is the best office chair mat for carpet

    The best office chair mat for carpets may be polycarbonate mats. These are the most durable and offer good protection. PVC mats are a more affordable option compared to polycarbonate. However, they offer less durability and can suffer from heavy loads.

    Do I need to close my office for cleaning

    Prestige Commercial Ltd offers carpet cleaning with no downtime. With noiseless machines and no drying time, cleaning can be done during office hours.