We specialise in commercial carpet cleaning, what does that mean?

Qualified, safe and capable 
Highly trained technicians, commercial carpet cleaning insurance, detailed risk assessments and method statements all come as standard when you work with Prestige Carpet Care. With additional industry accreditations from CHAS and the NCCA we go the extra mile and set the standard in commercial carpet cleaning.
Quantity and quality of carpet 
larger buildings mean increased quantities of carpet requiring maintenance and cleaning. Commercial carpet is generally more wear resistant, with more loop-pile styles and higher density.
Building occupants and traffic
commercial buildings have higher occupancy and more repetitious use. This results in much higher traffic counts in major use areas, resulting in greater need for maintenance.

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More control over routine maintenance
Larger commercial buildings may have in-house or contracted maintenance supervisors and staff for a variety of maintenance functions including: grounds maintenance, building systems and heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance and even for routine cleaning. The condition of the building is a direct reflection on the professionalism of building managers and maintenance staff.
Indoor environmental quality
increasingly poor maintenance of building systems is being linked to loss of productivity and illness. SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) – headaches, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, respiratory irritation, loss of productivity. SBS symptoms clear up when an occupant leaves the building.  BRI (Building Related Illness) related directly to a specific pathogen within the built environment.
Increased cleaning and maintenance frequency 
Programmed maintenance protects and extends the use-life assest, such as floor coverings, while providing a more pleasant, productive work environment for building occupants. Further, the impression of a company, based on the perceived quality of its offices and building, directly impacts customers and investors.
Concentrated area cleaning
Entries, lifts, hallways, food service areas etc., represent about 1-5% of the average commercial buildings total floor space. Concentrated maintenance in these areas prevents the entrainment of soil into the other 95-99% of the building, thus reducing the maintenance costs overall.
Larger more efficient equipment
commercial carpet maintenance requires larger, more durable, more efficient equipment than that found in the residential environments. This equipment increases productivity for personnel, with a corresponding increase in the use-life of the floor covering asset.
The holistic approach 
maintenance and cleaning of floor coverings must be viewed “holistically” in relation to total building system maintenance. Neglect one system and the others, in time, will suffer.
Impress your care home residents

When you have residents to look after 24/7, it’s important to be respectful of noise and hazards.

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Positive first impressions are crucial in the hospitality sector, such as hotel receptions and rooms.

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Impress your clients

Clean working environments make for happy, productive working environments

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Impress your tenants

Keeping residents happy and safe! Your residents will benefit from instant results with zero disruption…

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    We eliminate the most common problems caused by other cleaning methods that lead to insufficient drying times, mould growth, mildew, volatile organic compounds, recurring stains, and safety hazards.

    Carpets are ready for immediate use so there’s no down time to your operations. Without the need for noisy equipment we can even clean while you work, perfect for organisation that operate 24/7.

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