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How to Get Paint Out of a Carpet | 2021

By 30th September 2021May 9th, 2022No Comments
How to Get Paint Out of a Carpet

How to remove paint from a carpet

Perhaps you’re repainting the walls of your living room. Perhaps your children messed with the acrylics in the craft cupboard. Even if you use a tarp or sheet layer to safeguard the carpet from paint spills and stray droplets, it’s all too easy to make a mess. It can also be rather frustrating when you get paint where it shouldn’t be. Paint can be tough to remove from a variety of materials. Fabric and upholstery, as well as carpet and rugs, can be particularly challenging. Here’s how to get paint out of carpet in a few simple steps.

remove paint from carpet

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Things you will need to remove paint from a carpet:

  • Spoon or dull knife
  • White clean rags or paper towels
  • Container
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Soft brush
  • Acetone
  • Vacuum

Step 1: Get as much paint away as possible

Remove any extra paint using a spoon or putty knife. While you do this, be very careful not to spread it to unaffected areas. You could also use a dry rag or paper towel to softly wipe off the excess paint. Scrub or blot as little as possible to avoid pushing the paint further into the carpet.


Once you’ve collected the excess paint, put it in a container. This way, you get rid of the chance for that same paint to end up on the carpet again.

Step 2: Soften the paint

In a small bowl, combine hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Saturate the dry paint stain using a soft brush dipped in the solution. Allow a five-minute cooling period to soften the paint.


You can also use distilled white vinegar or another type of cleaning solution to get the same effect. However, make sure you apply the solution carefully using a soft brush, so you don’t damage the carpet.

Step 3: Wash the area

Unlike soaps and detergents, acetone will break down the paint more effectively. Consequently, it will make it easier to remove from your carpet. However, don’t use a lot of acetone on your rag. Use just enough to make it moist.


Dab the area where you added the acetone so that it’s evenly spread and breaks down the paint. The acetone will make the paint easier to absorb once it’s broken down.

Blot the area with a paper towel

Once the paint is broken down, use a paper towel and blot the area. By doing so, you’ll absorb even more paint from your carpet.

Step 4: Dry the carpet

To absorb moisture from the carpet, use clean towels. Once the carpet is dry, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any stray paint residue and straighten the fibres.


Once the area is as dry as it can be, use a vacuum cleaner to hoover it. You should use a wet vacuum if you have one, as it’s safer when dealing with potentially wet areas. However, you can also use a normal vacuum if you are sure that you’ve absorbed as much of the moisture as possible.

Types of paint

How to remove gloss paint from carpet

In a big bowl of cold water, combine a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Soak a white cotton cloth in the solution and wipe away any leftover paint traces with a pressing motion. Make sure you only press gently when cleaning. Blot any surplus water with white paper towels. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

How to remove acrylic paint from carpet

To remove any extra wet paint from the carpet, blot the spot with dry paper towels. Add 1 teaspoon of mild liquid soap to every cup of warm water in a plastic spray bottle. Shake well to blend ingredients, then spray immediately on the stain. To assist in clearing the stain, put a paper towel into the soapy solution immediately and wipe it. Blot the stain with a dry paper towel until it disappears.

How to remove emulsion paint from carpet

Apply rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and dab it on the stain. Clean the area surrounding it with a wet vacuum cleaner. Soak paper towels in glycerin and use them to wipe the stain. Continue doing so until there’s no more visible paint. Leave the stain for up to 2 hours in this state. Make a mild liquid soap and water solution and pour it on top of the glycerin. You can also use acetone instead of the soap solution. Apply the hand-held steamer to it now.

How to remove dried paint from carpet

With a knife, scrape off as much of the dried paint as possible. With needle-nose pliers, remove or loosen big areas of dried paint. Using a wet/dry vacuum, saturate the dried paint with water, then vacuum the area. To wipe up as much paint as possible, repeat the process. To 32 ounces water, add 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent or vinegar. Fill a spray container halfway with the mixture. Scrub the paint stain with a hard brush after spraying the detergent solution on it. To remove the paint, keep spraying and washing the area.

dried paint

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dried paint

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