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How to get milk out of a carpet | Our easy guide to milk stain and smell removal

By 15th September 2021May 9th, 2022No Comments
How to get milk out of carpet

How to get milk out of carpetMilk is a daily need, for everything from breakfast to a warm drink before bed. But, as we all know, spilt milk on the carpet is not as appealing: it may smell awful! But don’t weep over spilt milk if you act quickly.

Follow our simple steps to learn how to get milk out of a carpet easily.

get milk out of a carpet

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Step 1

Remove Excess Milk

If you discovered the spill after the milk has dried, gently scrape away as much dried milk as you can. Then vacuum or pick up the remainder and dispose of it right away.

Blot The Milk Spill

If you see a spill, take some paper towels or a white absorbent cloth and gently wipe the spot. Depending on the depth of the pile, the spill, and the time elapsed, the milk may have got into the substructure. Soak the area with warm water for a few minutes to remove any traces of milk. Work until the cloth or paper towels are dry, absorbing as much moisture as you can.

Pre-Treat the Stain

Using a toothbrush, apply a laundry soap paste to the region. Rinse with a cold, wet cloth and dry with another clean, dry towel to eliminate any residue.

Step 2

Apply a Cleaning Agent

Add 1 cup of cold water and a few drops of mild dish soap or hand soap to a basin and mix lightly. Wring off as much liquid from the cloth as possible with a clean sponge or soft, lint-free cloth.

Clean the stain

Begin blotting and then wiping the stain from the outer border of the spill into the centre. Rinse your sponge or cloth many times until the water runs clear. Then, repeat the process before drying the area with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 3

Sprinkle The Area

To completely remove milk from a carpet, wipe the stain with absorbent kitchen paper. Then sprinkle bicarbonate of soda or cornflour over the damaged area. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes to draw out any leftover moisture and the odour of spilt milk.

Soak and Wipe

Once you’ve left the mixture sit for about 30 minutes, use a paper towel to soak it up and wipe it off. Remove it entirely from the carpet and proceed to the next step.

Step 4


Simply vacuum the area to eliminate any bicarb or cornflour residue. Vacuuming will help remove dried spilled milk particles from carpet fibres. It is possible to get the milk out of the carpet if you act quickly. Even if you didn’t notice the milk spill right away, you can still tidy up properly.

milk hardens difficult to clean

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Why is Milk so Difficult to Clean?

The milk hardens and becomes more difficult to clean if left on a table or in the sink for a long time. The same thing happens if milk dries in the carpet. Milk proteins cause this. Protein hardens when it dries out, making rehydrating it harder. The dry proteins make scrubbing tough.

Different methods and ways to get milk out of a carpet:

How to get the milk smell out of a carpet using coffee

  • Directly over the area that is generating the odour, sprinkle some fresh ground coffee. Coffee grinds should aid in quickly absorbing the odour. Once the coffee grounds have absorbed the liquid and scent, vacuum them up.

How to remove milk out of a carpet With Ammonia

  • Add one coffee cup of ammonia to 2L water and use a sponge to apply the mixture to the filthy surface. Wait for it to dry before repeating the operation if required.
  • Always remember to blot, not rub, when it comes to your wool carpet. Rubbing will actually encourage the stain to seep deeper into your rug. This will cause it to lose its design and colour.

How to get milk out of a carpet with Plain Water

  • Because water has a neutral PH, this allows it to dissolve another material. It can somewhat neutralize any water-based spill that has fallen on your carpet.
  • Scrub the area of the carpet where the milk has soaked in with cold water and a towel. Do this as many times as necessary to achieve the desired effect.

How to get milk smell out of a carpet with Trainer / Sneaker Crystals

  • These crystals are composed of charcoal, which absorbs odours well.
  • Firstly, lay them over the stain. Then cover them with a terry cloth or a mat.
  • Vacuum the space once the crystals have eliminated the odour.

Remove Milk Stain From Carpet With Corn starch

  • Sprinkle enough corn starch straight into the carpet to cover the damaged area.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes for the corn starch to dry on the stain.
  • Vacuum the damaged area of the carpet once the corn starch has absorbed any residual milk.

Get Rid Of Milk Stain From Carpet Using Isopropyl Alcohol

  • To remove the flakes, use a butter knife first. Soak a sponge or terry towel with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to the stained fibres.
  • As the alcohol evaporates, the milk stain transfers to the fabric. Replicate the technique until the staining is gone.

Milk Stain Clean up From Carpet With Washing Powder

  • First, wipe the stain with a dry towel or a dull knife. Then use water to clean the discolouration. Like powdered detergent, washing powder works best on wet stains. Afterwards, soak a toothbrush in water first then carefully rub it into the milk stain. Rinse with a wet washcloth. Finally, vacuum the carpet to straighten the fibres.
  • Milk Removal From Carpet With Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Apply hydrogen peroxide with a dropper after wiping with a paper towel. Use only 3% hydrogen peroxide, since greater concentrations may damage your lovely flooring. Allow the cleaning solution enough time to work. When the foaming ceases, move on to the next step. Blot with a dry washcloth.

Get Rid Of Milk Smell Out Of Carpet Using Borax Powder

  • Borax should be strewn liberally over the stinky region. Spread the powder thoroughly using a broom. Allow it to sit for approximately half a day. Vacuum the borax-coated area first, then go over the whole carpet with the vacuum cleaner.

Get Milk Smell Out Of A Carpet Utilizing An Enzyme Spray

  • Most enzyme-based products can be found at your local grocer. Because of the protein composition, they will also work on the milk’s odour. Simply follow the label’s directions to get rid of the odour. Enzymatic cleansers can also be used to deodorize rugs.

Remove Milk Smell From Carpet Using Charcoal Bags

  • Place the charcoal bags over the smelly area of your carpet. Using a terry cloth, cover the area. Once the residual foul odours are gone, vacuum.

Milk smell removal out of a carpet using vinegar

  • Fill a medium-sized dish halfway with vinegar, of any sort, and set it near the area. It’ll have to stay there for a few days.
  • You must be cautious not to spill the dish of vinegar on the carpet! Another way to get rid of odours with vinegar is to squirt it directly onto the stain.
  • To avoid fading, combine the vinegar with an equivalent quantity of water. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with a clean towel.

Remove milk out of a carpet using washing up liquid and baking soda

  • After cleaning the stain, pour some baking soda over it. Keep the soda there overnight.
  • If you live with others, especially if you have children, make sure the area is surrounded.
  • You don’t want someone stepping on it late at night. The next morning, vacuum the area and dislodge the soda with a brush or your hand.

Get rid of milk out of carpet areas when the milk has dried in

Don’t panic if you didn’t notice the milk spill right away. Scrape the dried milk off with a blunt knife. Rinse with cold water, then scrub with an old toothbrush and dishwashing detergent. Remember to try this on an inconspicuous location first. If the milk odour remains, spritz the area with equal amounts of white vinegar and water and wipe with a paper towel.

Remove Milk Smells

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How to Remove Milk Smells

You can do this by mixing 2 cups warm water with 1 teaspoon bleach-free dishwashing detergent. Apply the mixture directly onto the affected area with a sponge. Simply go to the kitchen and get some baking soda, which you should apply immediately on the milk stain. Allow it to perform its magic on the carpet overnight.

Milk Smells

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Whatever technique of cleaning or odour elimination you pick, always remember to do a test on a tiny area. A few stains may be impossible to remove depending on their size, character, and age, while others may be difficult to remove for other reasons. These are just a few suggestions that you can try if you spill milk on your carpet. We will not be held liable if any of the procedures indicated here do not work on your carpets for whatever reason.

If everything else fails, you can always count on a professional

We understand how tempting it is to clean up a stain alone, whether it’s from milk or anything else. Even so, it’s possible that nothing you do will be adequate to entirely remove a stain or the odour that comes with it.

So, if you want assistance from an expert, you can rely on us to complete the task correctly. All different sorts of stains are recognizable to our carpet specialists, and we know how to handle each one to ensure the greatest results.