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How to clean an office chair

By 27th October 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments

How to Clean an Office Chair

The use of office chairs throughout an eight to nine-hour shift can be very intense. They are very susceptible to the occasional spillage. Moreover, particles such as lint, hair, or dust can also affect their condition. One solution is to vacuum the dust and debris on the chair within five minutes.

Another solution is using soap and water to clean the chair. You can spray the solution onto the chair and gently wipe it. If you use a damp cleaner, make sure to let the chair dry off. Sometimes the soap and water solution isn’t effective. If so, try using a more potent cleaning agent like alcohol wipes. The best solution is to get in touch with a professional cleaning company. Prestige Commercial Carpet Cleaning is offering professional upholstery cleaning services. They can help you tackle the most stubborn stains with effective results.


How to Clean Different Types of Office Chairs

The cleaning techniques of an office chair depend on its material and build. Different types of chairs require different cleaning agents. The following guide will help you clean different types of chairs better:

How to Clean an Office Chair Fabric

Steam cleaners are usually effective for cleaning fabrics on chairs. However, there are many other cleaning agents that you can use. You can mix water with different cleaning agents. This includes liquid detergent, baking soda, and white vinegar. Use hand or paper towels to scrub the solution over your office chair gently. Use a soft, bristled toothbrush to rinse stubborn stains. After you do this, take a clean damp towel and scrub the solution off the chairs. As a final step, let the chair dry off.

How to Clean an Office Chair Mesh

Mesh chairs usually attract many dust particles and small debris. That is why we should clean these chairs somewhat regularly. If you have a vacuum around, you should use it to remove the dust and debris first. After it is done, take a clean cloth and dampen it with soap and water solution. Do not rub the cloth against the mesh, instead, dab it gently. Let the mesh dry before sitting on it.

How to Clean a Leather Office Chair

Determining the type of leather used on your office chair is essential. Remember that most leather furniture is made of top coat leather. That is generally safe to clean with a vacuum or a soap and water solution. The simplest way to clean a leather chair is by vacuuming it first or dusting it. Make a mild soap and water solution and wipe down the chair. If there are any specific stains, make sure that you rub them a little harder.

How to Clean a Plastic Office Chair

Plastic chairs are the easiest to clean. You only need to dampen your cloth in a soap and water solution. Gently rub it against the stains. White vinegar and baking soda are a few abrasives you can use to add to the water. Make sure you do not use bleach while cleaning plastic chairs because it can damage the material.

How to Clean Office Chair Wheels

The wheels in an office chair need just as much attention to clean as the rest of the chair. When cleaning, remove the wheels from the chair. If you cannot remove them, then flip the chair upside down. It will help you have a better look at the wheels. The first step is to remove any visible debris. You can use your fingers, tweezers, duct tape, or a small vacuum. You can also use a butter knife to remove any stubborn debris. Soak a scrub brush in a soap and water solution. Use the scrub to brush the wheels from the outside thoroughly. After scrubbing, soak the wheels in soapy water for at least 10 minutes. Use a power hose to clean the wheels if they cannot be detached from the chair.

How often should an Office Chair be Cleaned

You can use an office chair for longer if you can maintain its quality. You can do this by cleaning your chair regularly. If you tend to your chair at least 2-3 times a week, it will maintain its quality. It could eliminate any unwanted costs for replacing your chair. Apart from regular cleaning, you also need to do an in-depth cleaning once in a while.

You can always seek professional services for such purposes. You can choose the best cleaning services after doing a market survey. Prestige Commercial Carpet Cleaning offers supreme upholstery services. Hiring this cleaning service company can save you a lot of time and energy. You should use professional services at least once a year. It will make the chairs more comfortable and improve the image of your company.

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How to Clean an Office Chair Stain

Removing stains from an office chair depends on the type of chair. If you have a fabric office chair, you have two options. You can either use water-based cleaners or dry cleaners. Foam cleaners are your best option in water-based cleaners. You can apply it to the whole chair and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a brush to clean the stains, and then let it dry. Dry cleaners come in both liquid and powder forms. Apply some of it on a dry cloth and gently rub it on the chair to clean the stains. Use a damp cloth afterward to clean the residue.

Removing a stain from a plastic chair is easy. You only need to use a solution of soap and water. You can spray the solution onto the chair and use a dry cloth to wipe off the stains. If you want to clean a mesh chair, you can use the same dish soap solution.

The cleaning foam is the best abrasive for removing stains from leather chairs. You can gently scrub the stain with cleaning foam and water. Wipe the chair with a clean cloth at the end to get rid of any residue.

How to Deep Clean an Office Chair

You can clean your office chair regularly, at least 2-3 times a week. But it might need some in-depth cleaning once in a while. Sometimes just using a soap-water solution and vacuum is not enough. Deep cleaning of an office chair can require a lot of effort. It is not an easy task. You should use a professional service to deep clean your office chairs in such cases. You should invest in the maintenance of all office furniture. It makes a workspace more comfortable and pleasant to look at.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

At least once a year, employers should use professional deep cleaning services. It is the only way to ensure that your office furniture remains up to the mark. Prestige Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services specialises in upholstery services around London. They have the latest cleaning methods and techniques. It can breathe new life into your office furniture. They identify the material and apply the appropriate cleaning process. You can extend the life of your office furniture by using their expertise. To know more about their services, you can contact them directly.