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Concrete Floor Polishing

By 6th March 2023No Comments

Polished concrete floors are known to be strong and resilient in high traffic areas. Due to this, polished concrete floors are highly desirable in high traffic areas such as commercial properties.  Prestige Commercial is a well respected professional concrete floor polishing service and has established itself as a leading expert in the field of polished concrete flooring.

Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing

There are many benefits to having polished concrete floors. Firstly, a polished concrete floor will even out floors ensuring a smooth and level finish. Its strength and durability mean that even in high traffic areas, polished concrete floors are difficult to damage and easy to maintain, requiring simple brushing and moping as and when required to prevent the build of dirt and grime. Furthermore, polished concrete flooring is also an environmentally friendly option as there should be no harmful chemicals involved during its installation process. There are several design options for polished concrete flooring involving a variety of styles and colours to suit your desired outcome Lastly, polished concrete flooring offers a cost effective solution to flooring as it is known for out living alternative flooring choices which can chip, break and ingress water over time.

Concrete Floor Polishing Services

As long as there is a structurally sound concrete base to work from, most properties can have their concrete floor polished. However, new floors are typically advised to wait 28 days before polishing to ensure efficient time for curing. Polishing concrete floors is a multi step process that requires specialist knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible results. Attention to detail is highly important as each job will incur different needs and challenges which is why seeking advice from professionals is important for quality control.

Specialist  tools are essential when polishing concrete flooring. Grinders and polishers are vital with each indispensable to ensuring a high quality polish. There are 2 types of diamond tools for these. The metal tool is used for preparing concrete floors whereas resin tools are used for surface polishing. Understandably, grinding and polishing can generate a lot of dust. As such, an industrial floor vacuum is essential. Hardening agents are also essential to ensure the concrete floor thickens and hardens so that it can be polished. Lastly, colouring agents are also essential to ensure you receive the desired aesthetic outcome.

Assessment and Preparation

Undertaking appropriate assessments and preparations are vital to ensure a high quality finish to your polished concrete. An unbonded screed floor cannot be polished as it will not have bonded to the concrete. Therefore, the concrete base should be assessed first as it needs to be an efficient mix of sand, aggregate, water and cement to ensure a high quality finish when polished. Any existing coating must be removed and any cracks must be filled using the appropriate filler.

Polishing and Finishing

After the desired finish for the flooring has been selected, the grinding process begins. This involves smoothing any rough surfaces, removing stains and surface cracks in the process. Sealants and densifiers are applied to ensure surface areas become hardened and remain stain free. To receive the desired finish, a diamond polishing pad is then used to finalise your polished concrete flooring. Any specific colours or designs are done so prior to the final polish of your concrete floor.

Maintenance and Aftercare

One of the desirable aspects of Polished concrete flooring is its low level of maintenance and after care needs. Polished concrete flooring typically only needs brushed and mopped using a neutral floor cleaner at least once a week or as and when required. It is recommended to use a microfiber mop for cleaning however any mop will do. To prevent a build of grime and dirt cleaning should be undertaken regularly. However, should you find a build up of dirt on your polished concrete flooring, it is recommended that this is cleaned with a solution of water and methylated spirit.

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Why Choose Prestige Commercial for Concrete Floor Polishing?

At Prestige Commercial we are aware that every job is unique and that attention to detail is essential to ensure your concrete flooring is polished to an exceptionally high standard. Our team of highly trained professionals have years of experience and use the best possible tools to ensure your desired outcome is always achieved. Flexible scheduling, talented professionals, competitive pricing and high quality finishes  are just some of the reasons to choose Prestige Commercial for concrete floor polishing.