Client Brief

Heavily stained Bolon Flooring in staff breakout area and kitchen. In house cleaning team have attempted a clean without success which even produced an unpleasant odorĀ for several days. Bolon advised a specialist cleaning process using the Hos Orbot system.


M Seven Real Estate approached us on the advice of Bolon flooring due to the fact we operate the Hos Orbot cleaning system recommended for this style of flooring. Having previously tried several unsuccessful attempts at cleaning the flooring through various means M Seven were close to replacing the entire floor as its had become grubby and stained and certainly not in keeping with the rest of their bright modern work space.

Carrying the work out over a weekend we transformed the flooring back to the bright, vibrant floor covering it was designed to be.

With the right equipment and know how sensational results can be achieved when carrying out Bolon Flooring cleaning.

By restoring the flooring and providing an ongoing maintenance plan for our clients Bolon flooring we manged to save them thousands in replacement costs and peace of mind that no matter what accidents or spills occur we have the solution.


Heavily stained Bolon Flooring


M Seven Real Estate


Monument Building, London

Bolon Flooring cleaning using the Hos Orbot with Super Zorb pad