Langan's Brasserie, Stratton Street, Mayfair, London

Carpet Cleaning Services London – Job Brief: Deep cleaning of restaurant wool carpets to remove food and drink spillages. Langan’s Brasserie’s carpets were not in keeping with the restaurants high end look. Our client contacted us looking for a local company offering professional carpet cleaning services in London.

Understanding our client’s needs: Firstly, we carried out an onsite assessment to fully understand the work required. Secondly, identifying a carpet type and the best cleaning method was crucial. Thirdly we provided our client with a formal quotation based on the most appropriate method of cleaning for their specific carpets and needs. As a result, our client received a detailed plan of action and cost prior to the work undertaken.

Professional cleaning carried out: Removing heavy soiling from carpets meanwhile minimising drying times was the objective. To remove red wine and food spills from our clients’ carpets required specialist cleaning. Therefore, we used commercial level hot water extraction and our quick dry system. Dri-Pod carpet drying system ensures dry carpets upon completion, this was a must for our client. As a result, we achieved the desired result with no down time to our clients operations.

In Summary: We established the carpet cleaning and logistical needs to be considered. Detailed the process and the recommended carpet cleaning method to our client.

Photos showing the clean, dry carpets at Langan’s Brasserie. Carpets deep cleaned, dry and ready for use.

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