Client Brief

Office carpet tile cleaning over 2 floors and 2 stairwells, not been happy with previous carpet cleaning provided by other companies. Particularly on the high traffic walkways and areas that had experienced a water leak leaving water marks on carpets. Results have been underwhelming and old stains seem to reappear shortly after the initial clean.



A scenario we often hear, clients employ the services of a carpet cleaning company only to be underwhelmed with the end result and therefore put off spending the money when carpets start to look in need of a clean again. Having herd of our specialist office carpet cleaning system Britannica technologies contact us requesting a demonstration on an area of carpet at their offices, we were happy to oblige. Providing a demonstration is a service we offer free of charge and with no obligation. It allows our clients to see exactly what to expect with our carpet cleaning system from logistics of doing the work through to what the end result will look like before committing to the cost of a full clean.

In the case of Britannica Technologies we demonstrated our cleaning system in some of the worst affected areas and sections of carpet tiles that had not cleaned up well previously. Unlike traditional wet cleaning methods our system of removing stains avoids stains resurfacing shortly after cleaning, another issue Britannica had been experiencing.

After a few days to see the sections of carpets we had cleaned remain spotless clean without stains returning Britannica were extremely impressed. Our office carpet cleaning system was the perfect solution to keep the carpets clean and stain free and as a result we have put in place a 6 monthly cleaning program for them.


Heavily stained office carpets


Britannica Technologies Ltd


Guildford, Surrey

Transformation of heavily stained office carpet tiles. Carpets restored using our innovative system that other cleaning systems could not achieve.