Client Brief

Carpets are heavily stained and in a terrible condition, we are considering replacement. Could you clean them back to a presentable condition or are they too far gone? If cleaned will they be dry by the following day? How long will it take as a staff member will need to be present? Is your system safe to use around sensitive electrical equipment?


occupying a busy London high street Specsavers Peckham experience an extremely high level of foot traffic in a relatively confined space. As such the commercial carpets they have take a hammering. Heavy soiling, drink spills and large amounts of chewing gum in the carpet made this one of our more challenging jobs. In addition, the shop is open for business 7 days a week limiting times as to when the work can be done without disturbing day to day operations.

We took the approach of blitzing the carpets with a team of technicians carrying out a restoration clean immediately after the shop closed for the day. It was vital the carpets would be ready for the next day’s business, that expensive equipment would not be at risk of water damage and that the manager staying behind with us did not have to stay late into the night bearing in mind he had an early start the next day.

The commercial carpets were in the main shop, treatment rooms, client waiting areas and a large flight of stairs. We successfully completed the work in under 3 with carpets were dry upon completion. Using our low moisture deep carpet cleaning system we insured the work was efficient in terms of time taken as well as eliminating any risk of causing water damage to electrical equipment.
We are particularly proud of this project, restoring carpets back to like new with minimal disruption and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Heavily stained office carpets




Peckham, London

Using the latest in carpet cleaning technology and our commercial carpet cleaning experience enabled us to far exceed our clients expectations.