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What Type Of Carpet Is Best For Office

By 30th July 2022August 5th, 2022No Comments

One of the most asked questions related to offices is what type of carpet is best for the office? One of the most critical aspects of an office is its atmosphere and aesthetics. A nicely decorated office gives the appropriate vibes to everyone. It includes kitchen staff to everyone who might have to conduct business there. Moreover, it also serves as a fantastic morale booster for employees.

When choosing the type of flooring for the office, office carpets are often at the top of the list for firms. Carpets for workplaces are usually a reliable option for commercial flooring. That’s because of their excellent design choices and great acoustic capabilities. They also have a variety of other benefits that tick all the appropriate boxes.

For office settings, a low-profile carpet is excellent. A short pile makes it simpler to move a wheeled office chair. It is also better for supporting bulky office supplies. Looped Berber designs can be great for home offices. The reason being they often have a lower profile than residential cut-pile carpets.

Nylon, Olefin, or Polypropylene make up the majority of commercial carpets. Olefin/polypropylene carpet is typically the best option if money is an issue. It can withstand “moderate” traffic volumes well. Consider the volume of foot traffic to assist you in deciding how much durability you’ll need.

Olefin/Polypropylene carpets have excellent stain resistance since they are “solution dyed.” Additionally, these carpets are great for offices and rooms with less traffic.

Why carpet over other flooring options for the office?

Carpet is a straightforward choice over other flooring options for the office. The addition of carpet increases the value of any place. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of commercial office space. We find the ideal carpeting for the office when we select the correct design patterns. There are some places where a carpet is the best flooring choice. These include the reception area, hallways, offices, conference rooms, and boardrooms. Carpeting improves the appearance and atmosphere of commercial buildings. Furthermore, it contributes to the corporate culture.

Top 5 Benefits of carpet as a flooring choice in an office

There are many advantages to having carpets in your office. Some of these are:

  • Reduces noise: The majority of businesses use open office arrangements. That brings lots of interaction between employees. You can effectively reduce office noise with carpet. Which also boosts productivity.
  • Cost-effective: Carpets have a reasonable price. Proper cleaning can increase the lifespan of these carpets. You can relax knowing that your office carpet is being cleaned properly. Hiring a skilled and experienced commercial carpet cleaning company can be relieving. It will help you consistently achieve fantastic results with business contracts.
  • Easy to manage: You can divide the carpet cleaning depending on foot traffic. It can be done monthly, quarterly, and annually. Cleaning every month is not necessary for every section. You can easily keep the carpet looking excellent and uniform all the time. You can take professional help to understand their methods and strategies.
  • Visual representation of your business: You can choose from various good carpet designs. You can find something that reflects and complements your company’s corporate brand.
  • Adds comfort: You can get sore by moving around on surfaces with hard floorings, like tiles. That’s because such floorings don’t provide the same underfoot elasticity as carpet. The elasticity is necessary to absorb the force of your footsteps.

Office carpet types – what type is best

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are squares. You can assemble them to form a carpet quickly. They allow you to shape them in any manner that you like.

Tufted Carpets

These are cut or looped carpet threads that emerge through the carpet backing. The majority of the wall-to-wall carpets are tufted.

Woven Carpets

Woven carpets are high-quality products, mostly from wool or a wool-based combination.

Needle punched carpet

Needle punching is a common technique used for carpeting. It involves using loose fibers and needling them together.

Saxony carpets

These comprise a cut loop pile. Twisted carpet strands that stand up straight make this pile for Saxony carpets.

Twist carpets

These have obvious twists in the yarn. The pile appears more textured and lies in various directions.

Loop carpets

Loop carpets comprise fibers in the form of a loop. These are beautiful and durable.

Berber carpets

The Berber people of North Africa and the Sahara hand-weave carpets. These are the Berber carpets. They are easy to clean and hide stains well.

Velvet carpets

Velvet carpeting is a combination of traditional carpet-making techniques.  It’s a more contemporary, short, dense, and uniform cut pile.


Carpets made of polypropylene are strong. These are incredibly resilient and can readily recover from wear and tear.


Polyester carpeting offers higher stain resistance and durability. They are much better than wool carpets or other natural fiber options.


A Nylon carpet is perfect for corridors, staircases, offices, and hotels. The reason is that they have to withstand significant foot traffic.


These come from short lengths of wool from sheep.

Commercial office carpet FAQ – choose the right type

What is polypropylene carpet?

Olefin, or polypropylene, is a manufactured substance. It is a combination of stain resistance, softness, and affordability.

What is a tufted carpet?

In a tufted carpet, looped fibres poke through the carpet backing. They are put into the backing of tufted carpets with needles to create the pile.

How often should carpet be replaced?

You can expect a carpet to last 5-15 years from installation. Based on the condition, you can replace it during this period.

What is Berber carpet made of?

Wool and Nylon make up the most expensive and best-quality Berber carpets.

What type of carpet is easiest to keep clean?

One of the most robust and clean carpeting materials is nylon, which is also one of the most durable.

What is olefin carpet?

Olefin is an artificial material used in carpets. Olefin carpet is best for areas with a risk of water damage because it comes from plastic.

Caring for office carpets

Feel free to contact us if you’d like extra details on what type of carpet is best for your office. Talk about commercial flooring for your company from a skilled and reliable service. Our qualified crew is happy to assist all across London with whatever you want to know about.