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Saxony carpet

By 4th November 2021May 9th, 2022No Comments

What is a Saxony carpet?

Saxony carpet is the traditional carpet most often found in homes. It has a soft surface with standing-up twisted fibres. These nylon-based carpets feature tightly-packed fibres that give it its trademark soft feel. With a typical half-inch pile, Saxony can offer very high-quality flooring.

Characteristics of Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets offer some classic features to brighten up your place. These carpets come with sheared broadloom loops that are woven. These make the carpet extremely durable. The loops also create a surface that is fairly even and smooth. The densely weaved loops give a very soft plush feel to the carpet.  

The weaves on a saxony carpet are closely packed together. It allows for a much smoother, fuller texture. These offer a very soft and elegant experience. Among carpet varieties, these definitely offer a very classy look. 

Nylon makes up good quality Saxony entirely. Its twisted fibres stand up straight with a cut loop pile. All in all, it has a very plush, comfortable feel. 

Different types of Saxony Carpet

You can commonly find two types of Saxony carpets. Either of them can be suited to you depending on your preferences. Straight Saxony carpets are a more common choice for homes. Because of their velvety feel, they are often also referred to as velvet Saxony carpets.

They get their name from the straight fibres running throughout the carpet. The fibres run in the same direction in a uniform colour. Their very traditional look and soft feel make them well-suited to the home. They also tend to go very well with furniture. Because of the fibre style, footprint and vacuum impressions tend to show. Areas with light foot traffic are the better choice for them.

Textured Saxony carpet has differently styled fibres. They are made with fibres twisted in different directions. This helps avoid any impressions on the surface of the carpet. For this reason, the carpet is also known as trackless Saxony. The texture does show differences in colour with the way light hits the surface. 

What are the best rooms for Saxony carpets?

The look a Saxony carpet offers makes it better suited for certain rooms in the house. Because of the rich and soft material, they should be placed in rooms for a luxurious look. Living rooms and bedrooms are most ideally suited for Saxony.  They can add to the classy interior of a home while also offering comfort.

If you’re going with a straight Saxony carpet, avoid busy areas. As they tend to show all kinds of impressions, they might not be a good choice there. Private or less frequently used rooms are the best choice for straight Saxony.

Textured Saxony carpets can furnish busier rooms well. Commonly used rooms work well with textured Saxony. Stairs and hallways are great choices for this type of carpet. In essence, any room you want to add a plush stylish look to works with Saxony carpets.  

What is the best underlay for Saxony carpets?

The underlay you choose will affect how your carpet looks and feels. It is an essential part of carpet maintenance, as it adds an extra layer of protection. Many people tend to use the same underlay when remodelling. However, a new underlay for new flooring is always a good idea.

Saxony carpets work best with a polyurethane or PU underlay. Made from recycled foam, it offers the best protection. It ensures an extra insulation layer for your carpet. Offering protection, it will prolong the carpet life. 

It also adds another layer of comfort to the carpet. Overall, the underlay will make the carpet feel thicker and softer. Your floor is also protected by the underlay acting as a shock mitigator.

Is Saxony carpet suitable for stairs?

Stairs require carpets that are resilient and durable under traffic. A textured Saxony carpet is ideally suited for staircase use. The textured style is able to deal with heavy foot traffic without leaving marks. 

Very heavy use can cause Saxony carpets to flatten on the stairs. This can be avoided with good care and maintenance. Regular vacuuming can keep the carpet in great shape for years. 

Pros of Saxony carpets

You have some decided benefits of using Saxony carpet. Given the very soft and smooth surface, they feel plush and luxurious. It offers both comfort and style in all kinds of settings. Being highly durable, they are a good long-term choice. With proper maintenance, Saxony carpets have a long life span.

These carpets have a very classy and traditional appearance. They are unlikely to go out of style and suit all kinds of surroundings. The carpet works especially well with traditional furniture. You can also get a lot of variety in Saxony to suit different interiors.

Cons of Saxony carpets

Saxony may not always be suited to your needs. If you’re looking to carpet busy areas, you are limited to textured Saxony options. Straight Saxony shows footprint, vacuum and other kinds of impressions. 

Without proper insight, you might have a hard time finding good Saxony. Their outlook feels good, but you want high-quality material for your flooring. This requires a little bit of research with Saxony carpet. With a wide range available, distinctions between good and just okay can be difficult.

Saxony carpets are also simply not everyone’s style. They can appear stylistically simple, and blend together. If you want something bold, you may have to explore other options.

How to clean Saxony carpets

The good news with Saxony is that it does not require rigorous cleaning regimens. You do have to be regular about cleaning and maintenance. A thorough, regular vacuum should keep your carpet in good shape. 

A PU underlay will protect your carpet from any harm. In the case of a stain, bleach cleaners work well. In high traffic areas, you may have to vacuum daily to maintain cleanliness.

An occasional deep clean for your carpet will also help keep it fresh. A professional service can offer great cleaning services. Deep cleaning is a good idea every once a while for the carpet’s general health.