Beales Hotels is a long established Hertfordshire company with a tradition of quality and service second to none. We regularly carry out professional carpet and upholstery cleaning for Beales to maintain the high standards of cleanliness an presentation that standards at the hotel demand.

On this occasion we were called upon by housekeeping staff who noticed an unpleasant odour in one of the guest rooms.

Staff at the hotel explained that even after a good clean and deodorise the smell was still noticeable, further investigation was needed.

In these scenarios we first use a UV light, allowing us to see unpleasant spills or accidents that are not visible in normal light it eliminates the guess work and speeds up the cleaning process.

We quickly identified the source of the problem, an upholstered chair and section of carpet. A full extraction clean, sanitise and rinse was carried out with a detailed inspection to insure the clean was successful and the room was ready for use again.

Beales take the cleanliness of their Hotels to the next level. Deep down professional carpet and upholstery cleaning of all soft furnishings that takes care of what you can see and more importantly what you can’t.


Taking cleaning to the next level


Beales Hotel


Comet Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9NG