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Hard floor rejuvenation

Prestige offer specialist hard floor cleaning, restoration, deep cleaning and sealing of all hard floor types that goes above and beyond day to day maintenance cleaning.

We help our clients achieve the right image as well as a healthy working environment to be proud of.

Hard Floor Restoration

The type of hard floor restoration we specialise in typically falls outside of an in-house cleaning team's responsibility, This often involves stripping, deep cleaning with large industrial machines and resealing.


In addition to this we are happy to offer advice on how to keep floors properly maintained. From recommending the correct products at the right dilution to extensive on-site training for your in-house cleaning team.


If you need any help, please just call our friendly team, and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Call: 01727 266 266 | Email: info@prestigecommercial.co.uk