Bolon Floor Cleaning

This week Prestige Carpet Care was once again proudly approved to work for The Harley Street Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic in London.

As you can imagine with health-care facilities the quality and nature of their interior environment is as important a factor to the well-being of patients as medical care itself.

The establishment of The ENT is installed with phthalate-free flooring by the Swedish design company Bolon.  Studies have confirmed that phthalate chemicals, often used in consumer products, to be harmful and can be detrimental to the health of our internal organs and reproductive system.

Free from toxic substances the Bolon woven vinyl requires a high-performance cleaning system with Bolon-approved chemicals carried out by an experienced technician.

When The Harley Street ENT were in need of a suitable cleaning contractor, they contacted Bolon directly for a suggested recommendation and thus Prestige Carpet Care’s relationship with Harley Street ENT was formed.

The various types of Bolon weaves trap dirt and moisture awaiting extraction from a professional cleaner.  Proper care and maintenance not only ensures a healthy environment but improves the lifespan and appearance of any floor or carpet.

Bolon floor clean for ENT4Kids

More than just environmentally considerate Bolon are renowned for products that are modern and stylish and are ever-updating their designs and weave construction, remaining a favorite with interior designers worldwide.

Bolon Design

More about Bolon….

The forward-thinking company was founded in 1949 by Nils-Erik Eklund with the vision of producing beautiful rugs (and later wall-to-wall floor sheeting and tiles) from renewable sources.

Three generations later the Bolon company has stayed true to its original concept continuing to produce visually stunning and innovative sustainable flooring solutions suitable for the home, office and commercial and public buildings alike, all exclusively manufactured at their Swedish-based institution.

Prestige Carpet Care has experienced Bolon-approved technicians who can clean and maintain Bolon materials, and many other specialist or high maintenance carpeting, ensuring repeat business from high-profile commercial organisations.

If you have Bolon flooring products, or any other special-treatment carpets get in touch with one of our specialists today. Expert maintenance will  make certain that your floors and carpets will look good and stay fresh and healthy for many years to come.