Maintenance Plans

Prestige Commercial offer our customers Maintenance Plans. Heavily used commercial carpets require cleaning up to three times a year in order to keep them presentable and to maintain a healthy indoor environment. A Prestige Commercial Maintenance Plan is the smart and cost effective approach to commercial carpet care. Our unique Maintenance Plan helps reduce company overheads whilst leaving all the planning and organisation of year-round presentable, clean carpets to us.

Save thousands in replacement costs

The longer carpets remain dirty, the sooner they wear out. Industry testing shows that a square foot of carpet can hold up to one full pound of dirt and dust before it even begins to look grubby. This dirt is abrasive, wears down fibres, creates visible traffic lines and substantially shortens the overall life of the carpet.

Year round presentable, stain free carpets

We don’t believe you should ever have to live with ugly stains in between scheduled cleaning.
With Prestige Commercial Maintenance Plans you receive unlimited free call-outs for accidents and spills to maintain your carpet’s appearance and condition all year round.

Reduce overheads and improve cash flow

Our Maintenance Plans help manage cash flow by allowing you to spread the cost of your carpet upkeep over the year into 12 small monthly payments. In addition the Maintenance Plan rewards our loyal customers with a lower price compared to a one-off clean.

Maintain your carpet’s warranty

Commercial carpets often come with a manufacturer warranty of 10-12 years.  Many warranties require at least an annual clean by a professional to be honoured (check your own warranty for requirements; it could specify the type of cleaning method to keep the warranty in effect).

Synergy with your regular in-house cleaning and maintenance team

Prestige have built relationships with our client’s regular office cleaning staff, finding this hugely valuable. We can provide your cleaning managers with 24/7 direct contact to us allowing them to inform us of spills or issues that require our immediate attention so you don’t have to!