Cleaning commercial carpets versus cleaning domestic carpets

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The first thing to consider when cleaning commercial carpets is the amount of foot traffic they are subjected to compared to domestic carpets.

This traffic can range from a few hundred pairs of feet to several thousand pairs every day, varying from building to building. The type, and amount, of soil found in a building where the company’s sole business is serving food would be very different from that found in a five-star hotel, a solicitor’s office or a factory or car showroom. Even weather conditions, and the area of the country in which the building is situated, can have a major impact on the carpet and type of soiling to be removed as well as the cleaning process that is to be used.

The amount of traffic (and therefore soiling) in most commercial buildings will mean that a regular maintenance programme is required to improve the appearance and extend the life of the carpet. The programme should include routine interim maintenance with thorough daily vacuuming and spotting procedures (this is sometimes carried out by in-house staff or by a contract cleaning firm, or sometimes a combination of the two) as well as regular professional appearance-retention cleaning and periodic deep cleaning. In this instance, the professional cleaning undertaken is known as restorative cleaning.

This is, of course, is a very different approach to most domestic carpet cleaning. Most homes do not include a regular cleaning maintenance programme and very often you are only called in after an accident has occurred or in readiness for an upcoming event. The type of carpet in commercial buildings is also usually different from that found in a domestic situation. Commercial carpet will often be of a higher quality and perhaps a synthetic fibre. It is often a denser carpet and in many cases is of loop pile construction. The wear warranties on some commercial carpets can be as long as twenty years; this is because it is generally more wear-resistant.

The amount of carpet in commercial properties can be considerably greater than in domestic dwellings, depending on the type of building, or facility, you have been asked to clean. The amount of carpet in commercial buildings can range from just a few metres in smaller properties to thousands of metres in bigger buildings such as large hotels, airports and high-rise offices.

Unfortunately, despite our suggestions and advice that a commercial carpet should be subject to a regular maintenance programme, in reality you are often only asked to come in and clean it when it reaches an appearance level that is no longer acceptable to the image and look of the environment it is installed in. As is often the case, the construction of the carpet is designed to hide soil, therefore by the time it ‘looks’ dirty it is, in fact, absolutely filthy. It is obviously much harder at this stage to restore the appearance of the carpet to an acceptable level.

If you are thinking of branching out to include commercial carpet maintenance in your list of services, it is important to convince your potential clients of the necessity of regular planned maintenance if they want to prolong the life of their flooring.

Commercial carpet maintenance takes practice to plan and administer and is very different to domestic carpet cleaning, but it can also be very rewarding and providing this service can be an excellent addition to your existing business.

Article taken from NCCA, News Link

Paul Pearce, National Carpet Cleaning Association Director